Governance NfTs

DAO Membership NfTs

Holders of all DAO Membership NfTs will be able to avail to take part in community voting mechanics and all benefits and rewards forever, as long the meet the criteria.

Monthly Reward NfTs

Reward NfTs are special, if you collect any of our monthly NfT series, you will recieve 1 DAO NfT.

NfT Collection

/JT/TWM/ Compassion
LW/TWM/ Courage
BK/TWM/ Mysterious
EM/TWM/ Leader
KL/TWM/ King
RH/TWM/ Resilience

Charity Mechanics

We will produce NfTs as a utility within our platform for community reward distribution.
If a participant decides to sell, there will be a 30% royalty on every trade.
The royalty amount will be collected in a whitelisted wallet till it reaches a threshold of US 10,000.
Once the threshold is reached, we will ask the NfT celebrity to nominate a charity of their choice.
The charity event will be recorded and documented on our website, anyone will be able to verify it.
If no nomination is provided, the DAO voting mechanics will take the decision.

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